Quality Policy

"Good and sustainable quality – Friendly environment– Responsibility to community"

Quality of products:
-  Minh Phu Seafood Corporation has committed to supply good quality and safe products to consumers.
-  Ensure costumer's standards and other requirements of product safety to local and oversea markets.
-  Continuously find modern solutions and maintain product's quality to meet all requirements of customers   and consumers.

Environmental protection policy
- The Corporation has committed to carryout solutions for environment protection. Use biological products during feeding commercial shrimp period, not to use chemical and anti
- biotic which may cause damage to ecological system.
- Treat waste water before disposing it off, simultaneously, collect and reuse of exhausted gas after treatment.

Responsibilities to community and society
-  Take good care of spiritual and physical livings of workers who directly make products in the closed production chain of the Corporation, fully carry out government's and export markets' policies and regulations.
-  Create long-term solidarity if all members in the Corporation.
-  Support regional and local community where the Corporation located in, create and develop friendly environment  between the Corporation and surrounding households.


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